Magnetic Eyelash with Eyeliner, 3D Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit, Magnetic Eyelashes Make Your Eyes Dazzle, No Glue Magnetic Eyelashes Set

  • UPGRADED 3 STYLES MAGNETIC EYELASH — Natural, Party, and Fashion stylist eyelashes are just for you with a glamorous 3D looking. Wear them quickly! Every session every time, our magnetic eyelashes can help you with a beauty look. Stand out for your pretty.
  • NEW WAY TO WEAR MAGNETIC EYELASH — Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelash Kit can enhance your beauty look. Our magnetic eyelashes will make your eyes dazzle. The magnetic eyeliner will help magnetic eyelash blend in ideally just like natural eyelashes. No one will even be able to tell that you have false eyelashes on.
  • EASY AND CONVENIENCE MAGNETIC EYELASH– Use the magnetic eyeliner just like a regular eyeliner. Wait until eyeliner is 70% dry. Then quickly put eyelashes on. It only takes a few seconds to apply. No need special skills or makeup experience. Super simple and more comfortable to put on compared to traditional eyelashes. They are easy to bring everywhere and are super convenient.
  • SAFE MAGNETIC EYELASH– Magnetic eyelashes are perfectly safe and with proper care are reusable. Our premium quality eyelashes are made of silk. They are super comfortable and lightweight. No irritation.


3D Reusable Magnetic Eyelash and Magnetic Eyeliner Kit, Best Magnetic Eyelash with Beautiful 3-Style Kit, No Glue Needed
Our Magnetic Eyelash and Eyeliner Kit can enhance your beauty look. It is easy to make your eyes dazzle. Perfect Magnetic eyelash and eyeliner kit will bring you a glamorous 3D look.

1.Please shake the bottle before use, and don’t forget to seal the container after usage.
2.Proceed with the allergy test before any use of our product.
3.Apply the eyelashes before the eyeliner completely dries up. For better results, refine the eyeliner line.
4.Rinse eyes with water immediately in case of contact. If the situation worsens, please go to the nearest hospital for treatment.

1.Read the important notices section first before using this product.
2.Carefully draw the eye line along with the shape of your eye. Ensure the line conforms to the contours of your real eyelash.
3.Bend your magnetic eyelash band until they make a perfect fit with your eye shape.
4.Place the magnetic eyelash above your real eyelash, and slowly and carefully position the magnetic band on top of the eyeliner line before it dries up. For this step, proceed with the help of a tweezers or your fingers.

1.Place a sufficient amount of the make up remover on a cotton pad.
2.Close your eyes and place the pad on your eyelash. Press or tap slightly to make the liquid spread into the eyelash.
3.Wait a minute before gently removing the magnetic eyelash. Repeat the same procedures for the second eye.
4.Clean up your eyelid and magnetic eyelashes. Store in a clean, dust-free area. Convenient to reuse for any occasion.

1.Six false magnetic eyelashes (3 Pairs)
2.One Magnetic Eyeliner
3.One pair of tweezers


UPC: 717351568515
Brand: Ulensy


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