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By myfavoritefootpatchever

I have used several foot pads before. This one is more convenient to use and made of full natural ingredients. I just need to peel off the protective layer and apply them to my feet. The smell is pretty natural and I get in the sleep much faster in these few days than I was previously. I could feel that I am more concentrated when I am working at the office due to better sleep! Would recommend to those have sleeping problems:)

By anathesupermom

I absolutely love this product! I slept like a baby and had a lot more energy during the day. I did have to wear socks over the patches cause they would not stay put if I didn’t, but I didn’t wash my feet prior to putting them on, like the instructions say, so maybe that’s why. I highly recommend it.

By Yu Yu On

I had never tried anything like this before and I'm glad I gave it a chance! It surely helped me to cope with my sleeping problem and gave me a good relaxing time. I'm also glad that I don't have any allergic response despite of my sensitive skin and I guess it proved the ingredients used are natural and safe to use! Another thing I like about this product is it doesn't smell at all, just a little hint of herbal which disappears at the time I remove the pads. For the sake of my sleeping quality, I will definitely come back for this product. 😉


These smell great and improved my sleep over the past 2 nights. I don't know what came out of my body but whatever it is I'm sure glad it's gone.

By DebP

They were wonderful. I’ve used different brands before but especially liked yours with the fragrance. I like using these every now & then along with an organic cleanse. I love your foot pads.

By Scott

These Detox Foot Pads work fantastic to pull out toxins from your body. My wife and I put them on before we went to bed and when we woke up we couldn't believe how the pads changed color, pulling out the toxins. The Pads smell great and were easy to apply. Our sleep definitely improved and we've felt refreshed when we woke up the last couple of days. We will be order again when we run out. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!